//Is Everyone Musical?

Is Everyone Musical?

Every once in awhile I have a kid walk into my studio like this:
  • He understands the ups and downs, the rhythms, can quickly pick out tunes by ear, easily read notation, and can take concepts I teach him and build upon them
  • He sings in tune
  • He can soon create, write, improvise, and play in all 12 major keys
  • His parents are involved and encouraging, but not too pushy
  • He loves practicing because it’s in his heart

All kids can be this way, and it’s important that they are.  Not everyone needs to grow up to be a professional musician, but being able to communicate with music, I believe IS our mother tongue.  Music is in all of us.  We all have a heartbeat.

If we knew how to teach it as well as we know how to teach our kids to talk, we’d certainly do it.

The problem is, most people, even musicians, don’t know where to begin.

You might be wondering:
  • Is this really that important?
  • What if I’m not that musical?
  • Can I fit this into my insane schedule?
  • What about all the teachers who say I should wait?
  • What if my baby doesn’t like music?  (Is that a thing?)
  • I don’t want to pressure my child
  • What if I can’t sing?
I’ve come to believe more and more that all kids need a musical voice, and they can learn this language just as readily as they learn to speak – often more readily, sooner, and more effectively.
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