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Classes and Private Lessons held at Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah

Little Bird Piano Group Class – Summer 2018

  • Kids from infant to age 6 with parent or grandparent
  • Grown-ups and kids learn the same concepts using multi-level songs, games and activities
  • Up to 6 kids per class/up to 3 grown-ups per class
  • 45 minute lesson once a week – $140/mo
  • Little Bird Practice Kit: Piano mat, 3 pairs Bee Gloves, Little Bird Blocks, Piano Town pieces, Little Bird Songbook, CD – $120
  • Well-tuned piano required

Private Piano Lessons – Summer 2018

  • Students from age 5 to adult
  • 30 minute lesson once a week – $160/mo.
  • 60 minute lesson once a week – $200/mo
  • Well-tuned piano required


Little Bird Piano Academy is a unique curriculum that encourages

  • reading
  • writing (composing your own songs)
  • improvising (changing the written music)
  • transposing (playing in all keys)
  • playing by ear (without written music)
  • Students enjoy songs, games and activities appropriate to their age and ability
  • Parents learn along with their kids
  • Parents learn how to teach music at home so that practice time is fun!

970 5th Avenue Northwest

Issaquah, Washington 98027